The reason people are so easily lied to by the media, is because they can trust the public not doing any kind research on the subject. Now, they even make it more so, by fact-checking in advance, so they are comfortably numbskulled, forever. Trying to provide that research is then "foiled" - pun intended, for us foil hatters out here - to even reach the said public. Keep in mind, in a democratic society, you only need the majority to buy into your nonsense, but that's something none of you here will ever be able to do, it's an impossibility. Only by playing along with their wordplays and terms of service, you can have your little congregation who throw their knickers at your feet. Then, when the big bad media throws the censorship gauntlet on you, you get upset - but not really, admit it, you just love the attention. It's quite sad to watch it, talking heads feeling important - mostly about yourselves really - about some issue that will fix itself over time anyway. But as long as you get to say the famous words: "i called it!"