How does EMF affect the body's reaction to Covid-19? How does EMF, Covid-19 and Clostridium difficile (C.diff) in the gut flora interact? People are not dying from Covid. Aside from heart attacks and motorcycle crashes, there are quite a significant number of people who die with Covid that have a high prevalence of Clostrium difficile in the gut. In one studylisted below, 100%! It's 5G. See all the links below. ❗ The effect of 30 - 60 minute short- wave irradiation was increased toxin production and bacterial growth. Furthermore short- wave irradation of the nontoxigenic Clostridium difficile strain changed it into a toxigenic form. "Due to the large usage of antibiotics during the current pandemic and the gastrointestinal manifestations of COVID-19, the elderly population, hospitalized patients, residents in LTCFs and persons that survived the COVID-19 might be more prone to Clostridioides difficile infections (CDI). A renewed attention to CDI is necessary during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic." ⚠️Except CDI is shown in the above study to not only be caused by antibiotics but by emf bursts. This study "showed that exposure to Wi-Fi and RF simulator radiation can significantly alter the inhibition zone diameters and growth rate for L monocytogenes and E coli. These findings may have implications for the management of serious infectious diseases." A link has been found between Covid-19 and "finding non-toxigenic Clostridium difficile (C.diff) in the gut flora of all 119 subjects tested by genetic sequencing." And the growth of mold spores increase significantly with EMF: Effect of long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation on alpha-Int1 gene sequence of Candida albicans