Friends, I feel bad for the youth of today who are (once again) being convinced that this is the "most important election of your lifetime." No matter who they vote for they will soon realize that that participated in a system of violence which ignores the will of the vast majority of people (non-voters) and imposes the agenda of the "winning side." Hopefully, these younger voters will come to realize what I did shortly after I placed my one and only vote for President - they are all criminals, the left/right paradigm is a lie, and Presidents are puppets for the real power. Hopefully, they will come to understand that WE ARE POWER and we do not need politicians and elections and "I Voted" stickers to give us worth or value. Hopefully, the strong young minds will stand against the peer pressure and shaming, and not vote unless they truly feel compelled to. I stand with all of those who choose to exercise their voice EVERY SINGLE DAY by the choices they make, the businesses they support, the relationships they keep, and supporting their local communities. Don't fall for this charade, brothers and sisters. The system NEEDS YOU, you don't need it. Much love, - Derrick Broze