U.K. Alert: Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill

A British Bill that looks destined to become a law will empower law enforcement and bureaucrats throughout Britain's government to commit crimes with impunity. The British establishment seems to be preparing for widespread unrest and rebellion. The tyrannical policies of England are quickly mirrored elsewhere, including the U.S.A. Get reliable notification options and further information at Sarah's home site: — Ways To Support My Work — ⬛ Our Products: ⬛ Merchandise (T-shirts, mugs, etc.): ⬛ Direct Donations: ⬛ SubscribeStar Subscriptions: ⬛ PayPal Donations: ⬛ Bitcoin Donations: 16ZcMaXjzEKbHbqGVWzCEZhPtvRfqtMXhn Sarah Corriher is a media partner of Whatfinger News, the second largest news aggregator. It is a great source of uncensored news, and it is updated constantly: Sarah Corriher co-founded Health Wyze Media @