The kind of trauma revealed by Ashley Biden's diary shows what kind of psychopath and pedophile her father is. Job Biden is totally unfit to hold any kind of power - he was even unfit as a father. Should be prosecuted for child abuse, neglect and potentially pedophilia. As a point of reference: The absolute WORST president Trump has ever done was to brag in a private convesation about how cheap floozies who came to billionaire's parties allowed him to touch them because he was rich and famous. Complaining about what men say in a locker room to other men is pathetic - what planet do they live on? Every person who ever complained about this is probably a hypocrite. Women talking about men and sex in private say things that are far worse. And yes, lots of women absolutely do throw themselves at rich men. It's called hypergamy. The media keep bringing up that Trump quote since 2016 - they just won't let go, although it is totally meaningless. It does not imply anything criminal or immortal about Trump. Yet here we are with massive evidence that Biden traumatized his children, caused them lasting mental issues, used them as tools to facilitate his corruption and outright treason and the media try to cover it up.