to Increase Crypto Debit Card Prices by 150% in November!

New Blog Post: On October 11th, announced a major cut to their referral rewards that will take effect on November 1st. (See my article on the announcement for details.) On the morning of October 23rd, perhaps in a bid to increase demand for their native coin CRO, they released plans for another major change. 💳 Card Staking Requirements Update To receive a metal crypto debit card (all cards other than Midnight Blue), users must stake a certain amount of CRO. Starting November 2nd, the amount of CRO required will increase 150%. See a chart featuring each card's benefits, updated to reflect the new prices, in my article. Visit to download the app and use code "n7nhuuru5z" for $50 worth of CRO. Store and spend your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, ChainLink, Litecoin, Algorand, USDCoin, USD, CAD, GBP, Basic Attention Token, and more using your MCO Visa Card. Read the official update from at