*excerpt: In a shocking new video release on Tuesday, Project Veritas revealed a "ballot chaser" in Texas whose job was to pressure voters to change their selected candidate from Sen. John Cornyn to Democrat challenger MJ Hegar. Project Veritas' James O'Keefe said "Our journalists discovered a voter fraud system positioned to swing Texas in 2020." The video shows Rachel Rodriguez actually filling out a ballot for an elderly voter at her home, changing her vote to be for the Democrat, crossing out the Republican vote. Rodriguez called it "flipping people." Raquel Rodriguez, the "ballot chaser," said "I can honestly say I'm bringing in at least 7,000 votes to the polls," and for her efforts, she received a $2,500 gift budget. "I could go to jail," she said. "I'm a little apprehensive to tell anybody what I'm f—ing doing, you know what I'm saying?" She told Project Veritas' hidden camera. Rodriguez said to the elderly woman "You [voter] said you're voting straight Democrat per our conversation... 'cause that's what you want to do, correct?'" "I drop off bundles of ballots at different post offices to avoid suspicion," Rodriguez said of her ballot chasing activities, which then became ballot collection. "I go through the entire city. I'll take 20 [ballots] here, 30 [ballots] here, 40 [ballots] here." Rodriguez is a consultant for House GOP candidate Mauro Garza. https://thepostmillennial.com/project-veritas-exposes-ballot-chaser-pressuring-seniors