In these times when the visible forces of open fascism (Antifa, BLM) seem to have open reign in the cities of collaborating politicians, perhaps it is time to understand where on earth this visible abomination could arise in the US that was supposed to have defeated this scourge over 70 years ago... but it didn't. The sources of German fascism were ensconced in Wall Street , the city of London, the Bank of England, commiserating pawns in Canada, and the British Royal families for it was they who funded, supported and rooted for Hitler to win many of the foolish battles he took on to defeat the forces opposing the Empire. In reality, when Germany was defeated, gangsters like Churchill and the Bushes were not too damn well pleased. Maybe it is time for you to understand history as not published by the empire friendly houses of London, eh; particularly that part of the role played by the genocidal criminal, Churchill.