Logic Would Dictate Joe Biden should be Disqualified. We're not talking about Rumors and Hearsay but Tangible Evidence and Proof. Joe Biden and the Media are Pushing the Covid Fear...and even MORE Lies and Shutdowns...Unconstitutional Mandates...(Right before Voting, to scare us from Voting for President Trump) all the while Covering-up the severity and depth of Hunter Biden's Laptop from Hell and Joe Biden's Corrupted Ties to it. "I dunno" Joe wants to Turn our Progress Backward for the CCP...For Chinese Billionaires that Own Him. Joe Biden is Compromised and Corrupt. He's Desperate that all of his Dirty Laundry is being Aired...and he hasn't even made it to Election Day yet. C'mon Man. He's FAILED at becoming President 2 times before in 1988 and again in 2008...For much the same reasons...Only AMPLIFIED this Time with the Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell and his Obvious Conflicts of Interest... He's offering us a "Dark Winter"...NO... He's forgetting about Time and Truth and We The People's ability to Think Choose Decide and Adapt for ourselves. In Joe Biden's Future, Opposing views and opinions are silenced and disappeared...Fact Checkers KEEP Validating and Confirming the Lies, rather that Post the Facts and Informing us. They choose Brainwashing instead...Otherwise it wouldn't have taken a 3 year FAILED Investigation...We Would have already been on the same page and it would have been over, before it ever got started. Instead they (The Chinese Communist Party Owned Fake Stream Media) actually told us over 700 LIES a DAY for Over 700 Days in a Row. They are Complicit and Justice should have already been served. But not so much as an apology...Not even that much. No, instead Obama and Biden tried to pave a path for the CCP to take over our Media and turn it into the Propaganda Pushers. On January 2, 2013 Barack Obama signed and enacted into "law" HR 4310, also known as Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012...Not for Our Benefit, I'll tell ya that much. A Good First Step to a broader understanding would be to stop believing your Communist Television Programming. The Tv Lies...Right...Tell-Lie-Vison. The Tv tells lies too your vision. The Onus is on us to realize.