Federal Crimes Uncovered In Hunter Biden Hard Drive: USA Attorney Rudy Giuliani; 38min/27sec --- October 17th, 2020... THIS IS WHAT WILL FINALLY BRING DOWN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY... American Attorney Rudy Giuliani has obtained a hard drive of Hunter "Robert" Biden containing some 40,000 emails, thousands of text messages, and photographs and videos of crackhead Hunter Biden – the son of Joe Pedo Biden – in "very compromising positions." USA Attorney Robert Costello confirmed the explosive revelations, first reported by the New York Post (in which Jackie Dorsey's degenerate Twatter illegally censored), of Hunter Biden's Apple MacBook Pro's external hard drive was turned over to the FBI in December, after the computer repair shop owner in Hunter Biden's home state of Delaware notified federal investigators about it's existence. Hunter Biden's laptop was dropped off in April 2019, but nobody returned to collect it or pay the bill. The Apple MacBook Pro was confirmed to be Hunter Biden's when his lawyer called USA Attorney Rudy Giuliani asking for his client's laptop back. THIS IS WHAT WILL FINALLY BRING DOWN THE DEMOCRAT PARTY... Here is the 38 minute & 27 second video. https://www.bitchute.com/video/42cTfUv5Ccf7/