== The Tara Reade interview: accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault | 60 Minutes Australia (12:56) Tara Reade, who earlier this year accused Presidential nominee Joe Biden of sexual assault, is set to tell her story on Australian television for the first time to 60 Minutes. In an exclusive interview with Nine News US Correspondent, Alexis Daish, Reade says Joe Biden's alleged sexual misconduct means he doesn't deserve the presidency. == 🤡🌎🦇🦠😷🐑🍕⛩🤡🌎☠️😠😤😡🤬🦅💰🎯☄️🐉💥💡 Please, visit @TheStrike! Channel to catch what you might have missed in your MindsFeed. ~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~ Like what we do? Kindly Comment, Tip a Token, Remind & Subscribe to . . . The Strike! #Trump2020 #Biden #60MinutesAustralia #News #Politics https://youtu.be/OOti0PJlJ7A