I watch people, but not in that creepy way that says, "I'm coming back later to steal your poodle." This activity has always been more in line with a Dian Fossey/Jane Goodall vibe. Perhaps it would be better to say that I observe people, individually and in groups, mentally collate the data, and get a fairly accurate picture of the current mores and directions for society in general. These days the general public seems slow to think and quick to anger. Having said that, it is apparent large numbers of people are losing their proverbial "shit" -- again. The whole toilet paper/paper towel hording thing has resurfaced, people will cross a street to avoid coming within 20 feet of you, and there are major freak-outs between the masked and unmasked. Medical science is out the window, people are obsessively watching the news as though it might contain some diagnostic value beyond the fear-mongering and panic peddling...and there's the unwavering belief that anyone breathing on you will result in your imminent demise. It apparently doesn't matter that 70% of the people who recently tested positive for this stupid virus swear they unfailingly wore their "masks". It doesn't matter that most of the infected will be annoyed, and then survive. It also doesn't appear to matter that the economy is falling to crap, and that the deleterious results will be hard-hitting and long-lasting if we make it through this at all. On the flip side, the civil rights/anti-mask rallies are starting to appear. I'm not sure if this is a "day late and a dollar short" scenario, but it will be interesting to see if reason prevails.