They do this in front of the Supreme Court, where the justices will surely be informed of the situation and shown footage of what the crazy revolutionary fascists do to a group of people trying to respect their newest member and it will shock them all. This kind of behavior is nothing short of sickening to middle America. You know, places like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania.... any of those ring a bell? This is a civilized nation for the vast majority of our geography with pockets of extreme violence and crime. Most of those pockets of violence are in Democratic cities where the school systems have completely failed their community, the welfare state has incentivized broken families and the gangs have stolen their children. And to disrupt a lawful rally, in front of the Supreme Court in the name of Black Lives Mattering is an insult to everything that makes America GREAT! https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/10/17/womens-marchblm-leftists-rush-the-stage-at-acb-support-rally-shut-down-the-event/