Just Like Hunter. Don’t forget your PC at repair shop

Pretty pathetic, however, since Hunter lives in the “Protected Class” that never see the inside of a jail cell, who never get indicted, he lucked out. He got away with robbing the Bank. Just like Barak Obama and his F buddy Michael, with the Billions stolen, along with Hillary, Nothing, No indictments, no reckoning, they just walk away with the booty, and the Attorney General Bill Barr with all the evidence in the world will let them. Why ? Because Barr himself is part of the deep state. Wether Trump knows or cares or not, who knows, the choice the people face on November 3 is for the lesser of the 2 evils. Trump is no bargain, and Biden is an outright Crook. Trump May hide his misdeeds better. So it’s a choice of choosing Which Shyt stinks less. But they both stink badly.