ISLAM 101: "Fuck Islam!" --- By now most of you here know how i feel about muslims, and a decade of research on islam later, i want you to know how islam really works... First, there's 5 denominations of Christianity, and only 2 denominations of islam: Sunni & Shi'a (Shi'ites). There are 31 schools of Christianity, there are now only 10 active schools of islam: Sunni (Hanbali, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi'i, Zahiri), & Shi'a (Ja'fari, Zaydi, Isma'ili, Ibadi... and the Mu'tazila school is now treated as an "aqidah" creed of theology). Of these 10 schools, they are based on these 8 "aqidah" creeds of theology: Mu'tazila, Ash'ari, Athari, Maturidi, Batiniyya, Jahmis, Qadariyah, & Murji'ah. There are many many (da'wah) or "movements" that were born from each of the 10 schools of islam. The problem with defining a definite number of islam movements is there are simply too many da'wah to calculate. As of today, i have formally recognized at least 36 da'wah of islam, which i will post in the comment section of this post. In the comments i will also post multiple rough infographs that you should 100% take and keep for future understanding. I appreciate you all... FUCK ISLAM. https://start.umd.edu/data-tools/global-terrorism-database-gtd