Friends, If you are looking for SOLUTIONS to the world's problems and recognize that POLITICS IS NOT THE ANSWER, consider joining the 6th International Freedom Cells Conference Call today at 12 pm Central! Freedom Cells are small groups working together for the purpose of mutual aid, achieving common goals, and securing the sovereignty of group members. The Freedom Cell Network is a network of these small groups (inner cadres) organized in to regional groups (middle cadres) and networked together to form a larger free society (meta cadre). We have over 4400 members and are literally building a free society while the coercive state collapses around us. Thanks for making an effort! Our guest speaker will be Yohan Tengra, speaking about Freedom Cells in India! We will also have Dave of the Mindful Militants speaking about Freedom Cells in Australia! Join here: https://zoom.us/j/93103286986