@WolverineTongue BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM!!! Photos: 6:20 PM EST October 16 1. The Chinese billionaire that had to flee the communist party, who has 3 hard drives of dirt on Biden colluding with communist china to destroy the United States. 2. Steve Bannon, who has had a copy of Hunter Biden's hard drive for 2 weeks. 3. Rudy Giuliani (who is turning out to be a VERY GOOD Jew, yes, it is possible), AND 4. The Chinese virologist who confirmed the wuhan lab made the virus and as rumor has it, also knows Biden and the Democrats had the wuhan lab create the virus (paid for with 2.7 million U.S. tax dollars by Fauci) for the sole purpose of de-railing Trump's election with a totally scammed mail in vote scheme. IMPORTANT: IT IS RUMORED THAT THE FEMALE MICROBIOLOGIST WHISTLEBLOWER HAS THE ENTIRE VIRUS BLUEPRINT AS THE LAB MADE IT ON ANOTHER HARD DRIVE. NOT SO DEAR HUNTER: Alcohol and crack don't mix well with laptops left for repair, if you can't write down your data correctly and therefore cannot be contacted, and you were so blitzed you don't remember where you left it! ( Also, the repair shop had a 3 month limit, at which point the abandoned computer became property of the repair shop.) Bannon says Biden cannot be president now because he cannot get a security clearance. I say "that is true", but only WE, THE PEOPLE, can enforce it. DO NOT LET BIDEN OR KAMALA BECOME PRESIDENT! #q #qanon #wwg1wga #trump2020 #VOTETRUMP