WHAT IS THE COVID19/LOCKDOWN? ( It's An Operation ) ======by Bullhorn Barry (Opinion) In a nutshell, it's a dehumanization operation to disconnect us from God, Each Other, & Our Communities. It was designed to bring everything to a halt and to weaken us at our core. It is an ongoing operation created to stop the masses from Uniting and becoming an unstoppable force. A force that has the power to return the power, to We The People. For the sake of this post, I will call this operation - "Operation Disconnect." Within the entire scope of this operation lie smaller operations that have already gone live and were executed to bring about the elite's end game. What is their end game? Their end game is to keep control of the conch and to tighten their clutches on we the people so out of fear, we will cease and desist any idea of a revolt. Thankfully, that's not in our cards. In addition to dehumanization, they have an entire bag of tricks that they use to demoralize, divide, normalize fear & terror, demobilize us & scatter any unifying movements of resistance. The elite also create false movements under the guise of the very things that they are guilty of. This is one way they try and deflect their hordes of corruption off of themselves and relegate it to their opposition. (something we're all quite aware of and have seen) The truth is, the elite are fully aware that humanity & freedom is rising and this has placed a huge weight on their entire empire of dirt. Their entire control grid is at risk of a total collapse. I've given the metaphor of a controlled demolition because that is the kind of collapse that they are facing. Not a partial one but a total collapse. The good news is this, We are still winning and the chaos and insanity is nothing more than the fog of war. (I'll be posting & diving into that topic in more detail - very soon) Remember...............We R The Resistance! PEACE & NON-VIOLENCE #MINDS #dehumanization #globalists #newworldorder #covid19