Will The United Nations Survive To See Its 100th Birthday? Fuck No It Won't: Good Riddance! The fate of the patient is sealed. The United Nations, born from the ashes of the Second World War, celebrates its 75th birthday on October 24, 2020. The UN will thankfully not live to see its 100th. After 75 long years, the UN has faded. The UN must be regarded as more valuable than what it costs to maintain it. As it becomes less effective, it enters into a death spiral. As the UN functions poorly, states ask why they should continue to support it. The UN is already on life support; it will not last another quarter-century. GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE! While the Islamic Terrorist Shitholes of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, & Egypt take turns sitting on the UN Rights Council, the Mao Marxist Cesspool of China tenderly masturbates the Russian Federation while softly fondling Putin's testicles. The United States of America will finally terminate the repulsive UN membership soon, and turn the 18 acre UN headquarters in NYC into a Guantanamo Bay style prison for leftwing terrorists. All United Nations soldiers found on USA soil will be captured and executed for treason. Fuck The UN. https://www.pairagraph.com/dialogue/f47ba870e06d4df2b0cccef483592d82/3