The Humpback Whale Spiral Fishing Technique. Turn up the volume! ? ㅤ Humpback Whales have feeding strategies with excellent effectiveness. The most used method is called "Bubble Network". ㅤ The hunt begins when the whales dive under a school of fish or krills (shrimp-like marine invertebrates), emitting high-frequency calls. ㅤ In a panic, their fangs swim towards the surface, where the whales concentrate them by releasing columns of air bubbles. The bubbles act as a barrier, keeping animals trapped, unable to get through the bubbles. Whales coordinate their efforts so that the bubbles surround them, always forming a spiral pattern. Finally, the leading whale makes a sound that causes all whales to rise with their mouths open and capture thousands of prey. ㅤ A humpback can eat 1 ton of food a day with this technique. ㅤ Each whale rises in the same position, forming the same pattern over time, demonstrating sophisticated teamwork and fascinating natural intelligence. ㅤ ∿ ∿ ∿ ∿ ∿ ∿ ㅤ "All motion is curved, all curvature is spiral." ~ Walter Russell