#minds #recipes For those that want a recipe... My pizza dough mix: 350g starter 500g bread flour 250g water 14g salt 30g olive oil 30g sugar Total weight 1174g which could give you 5 small pizzas (234g each - around a 10"pizza) or 3 medium/large pizzas (391g each - 14" pizza) For these pan pizzas, I actually doubled this recipe and made 3 dough balls at about 800g each which is my preferred for a pan pizza. It's more or less like a focaccia but topped like a pizza. I have my third dough ball shaped up and waiting in the fridge for when it will be used for something else... garlic knots maybe? Because it's a decently hydrated dough, I don't knead. I let gluten formation happen over time. Dissolved the salt and sugar into the water and then integrated with the starter and oil. Flour last. Combined until there was nothing particularly dry and let sit for about an hour. After an hour, gather up the dough into a smooth ball. Did a bulk ferment for a few hours in a warm spot above my fridge and then divided and shaped into 3x~800g dough balls which I then placed into a pan slicked up with a good bit of olive oil. Let it settle out and helped spread it to fit the pan and then baked at 550 for about 15 minutes.