You are WISE to be Concerned over Cheating to Steal the Election. Of course it is Possible it is their MO...Democrats have a History of Hidden Cheatings. We know this because of George Soros' involvement especially. Indeed it COULD Happen... Buuuut... They Never thought she would Lose...and Yet, She Did...We Defeated their Cheating system by Voting more than they expected or could possibly Cheat, and my friend...That is what we MUST do again this time...Vote in person to be SURE our Vote is Counted. Now, the thing is...We have been alerted already to Mail in Ballots being Tampered with and Those who've been charged and arrested for Voter Fraud. Given the recent flurry of examples (votes not being delivered) we can Know Voter Fraud Indeed Does Exist. So Does Election Tampering. ...and the reason we can Know all of this, is because our President has authorities on High Alert and Obviously it is working. We have already decreased their cheating chances. WOOHOO. BUT we STILL have to Vote Way More than they can Cheat in order to Secure the Election. It must be a Resounding Red...Like the Blood that was shed for our Right to do so. This is THE MOST IMPROTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES...This will determine not only Our Future, but our Future Families Future, and they are Depending on us. We can Do It because this Time...Our Rights are being taken away...We are Living under Unconstitutional Mandates for Political Purposes... In 2016 we didn't know what we were voting for, other than "Not Hillary"...and we Kicked their Butts... This Time...We can KNOW what is on the Line...and I think we are going to Scream in one United Voice that we Support America and Our Freedoms and Rights...Law and Order... Oh man I am getting Excited...It's like 17 more Days...and We're On Guys...Let's Do This... (Pardon my French) 😊