Lis. Lies. Lies. Only lies. All west based on one big lie. as for your question. USSR had best in the world writers scientists actors (for the time) sporsmen etc. which outright deny claim about "hate invididualism". all those people is representation of individualism. and individual achivements. not mention how many inventors ussr had. so... meh. lie. hate free speech. in USSR people wrote to Stalin through the papers and simply collective letters. and he (with comiteee) consider their opinion. and made changes according. again... meh. lie. USSR had free markets. bet you even didn't know that. but again. meh... lie. blame to another group? I need to read you a full history lesson (apperently your historical science know only how to lie about communism) why revolution happen. but of course you may simply watch my video on that topic. it's boring. again. lie. love violence. USSR during it's socialistic period starts ZERO wars. I don't get at all is this violence to NOT start a war i guess? again. LIe.