Headlie: "AI mask monitors are now policing our stores: CCTV that blocks people from entering a shop if they are not wearing a mask is being set up across UK" As i''ve been trying to explain, the new ""COVID-19 regulations and rules are all changing the infrastructure and how you shop and purchase goods and services, goods mainly. This QR coding is part of that restructuring i mentioned in the previous posts, and i've shared the up-to-date legislative changes previously if you scroll down the page to the relevant powerpoint. No SMART Phone, no App, no QR code, no play the game anymore. I don't know how many warning shots you need over your bough for you to start taking notice and more succinctly, what action to set-off this Chinese-like surveillance tracking grid .. it also states nothing about people using Regulation 4 of the original face-hugger regulations before these new instruments were introduced unlawfully and unconstitutionally towards the end of September in the mid of night .. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8847901/CCTV-blocks-people-entering-shop-not-wearing-mask-set-UK.html