I am noticing that a large number of very interesting books have been/will be published this year. "The World in Flames: The Shorter Writings of Francis Parker Yockey" by Centennial Edition Publishing is very good, and introduces some newly-found material by Yockey; "National Socialism: Its Principles and Philosophy" by Carlos Videla, which attempts to set out, as few other books do, what the philosophical basis of National Socialism is; "The White Ethnostate" by Johannes Scharf has appeared in English translation; two books by the Russian philosopher Askr Svarte are being released in English translation this year; "The War Against Whites" by Arthur Kemp, which looks into BLM and the anti-white narrative; many other books could be mentioned. The fact that so many good texts are appearing demonstrates to me that there is a sort of intellectual awakening underway on the dissident right. It is growing more sophisticated all of the time, and is gaining more adherents. At the moment, our numbers are small, but they are growing, and they will continue to grow.