Guaranteed if the Deep State Cheats their way in, we can certainly look forward to this...I hope we wake up before it's too late. We have about 17 more days and then we're on guys...We have to Vote Way More than they can Possibly Cheat...and Vote In Person to be Sure our Ballot Counts. Vote Red Instead, To Save America, Our Freedoms and Rights and those of our Future Families... Whatever we do right now will determine whether we Keep our Constitutional Rights and Restore Law and Order and bring the Treasonous to Justice... If we are complacent The Coup Cabal can take over and Change all of that...for the worse...swipe everything we've been learning about their Corruption under the carpet again, and turn our Land of the Free and Home of the Brave into Venezuela or Cuba...On Purpose... Or we can vote for President Trump and be done with the Rona on Nov 4th...Plus get to those Long Overdue Military Tribunals... The Choice is ours To Make.