Transbaph Agenda is important because.... To create baph bodies is to worship satanic luciferian black occultism. To conjoin yin and yang into one means clearly that they worship the darkness and will do so until both male and female are made obsolete and beyond into a trans-humanoid. Humans are to become genderless allowing for transhumanism to become fully embraced. Humanoid. Biology and computer technology with no free will or sovereignty. We will be robots with flesh or very akin to the greys. Non procreative... NON PRO CREATIVE. ABOLISHING our creative creator divine essence completely. Turning the hueman model we are into an obsolete model being downgraded into dumbed down humanoidesque transhumans without the eternal essence of divinity within us. Transbaphs are both male and female which precludes transhumanism which is, BTW, in full realized effect now!!! Quite successful and has allowed the opting out from the God gene to live via the cloud "forever" but without divinity and freedom. Only evil can create this as reality.