The video platform you SHOULD know about YT: https://youtu.be/YqYUYKvXdFM LBRY: https://open.lbry.com/@NaomiBrockwell:4/The-decentralized-video-platform-EVERYONE-is-moving-to:a?r=JBjAdauAdeysMGVDbHMJpNSQzbcMyqYg When many people started getting their video channels deleted, I decided to really dig into some alternative platforms. One of them was LBRY, a truly decentralized video platform where content can't be deleted. This is what happened: - I now earn more on LBRY than YT - LBRY 29k subs vs YT 36k - Slightly less views per video on LBRY - No videos are demonetized on LBRY - My videos aren't taken down on LBRY What is LBRY and what is the LBC currency that fuels it? Paul Puey (Edge CEO) and I dive into the history, tech, & what's next for LBRY. We also put our money where our mouths are: we each decide whether to invest $100. This is not investment advice, we're just giving you a peek into our own portfolios and how we make decisions for ourselves. Keep in mind, I'm more interested in the team, the tech, and whether it's a cool project than in short term gains. If you’d like to see my extended interview with LBRY CEO Jeremy Kauffman where we talk about the secret algorithm and rating system exposed by “reclaim the net” of a major video platform that is shadow banning certain users and promoting others, please head to the members content at https://NaomiBrockwell.com/memberships Hot tip to content creators: setting up an account on LBRY.com takes 2 mins, and it’s a great side-revenue stream. Check out other videos about LBRY: https://open.lbry.com/@NaomiBrockwell:4/video-makers-are-moving-here:4?r=13gkrCv25FRFikFUTjA2PfW6KtBZkHmM My LBRY channel: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@NaomiBrockwell:4 Watch this video on LBRY: https://open.lbry.com/@NaomiBrockwell:4/The-decentralized-video-platform-EVERYONE-is-moving-to:a?r=JBjAdauAdeysMGVDbHMJpNSQzbcMyqYg To have your question answered on the show, send a message to https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell If you would like to send me a message and support my channel, visit https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell or visit Naomibrockwell.com/memberships to become a member of NBTV! Huge thank you to all the supporters who keep this channel running! #lbry #youtube #censorship #blockchain #cryptocurrency