~312~ If Joe Loses Here's Who To Blame

Watch the full episodes at Lee Camp wants you to know what and who to blame if Joe Biden fails to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. This election is being held at a time of skyrocketing inequality, climate change uncertainty, dissatisfaction with the status quo, and popular unrest from the left and right. The DNC chose to push one of their most conservative members onto their ticket while he clearly suffers from mental decline. Trump has been historically unpopular in his first term. The Dems should win easily, but the race they chose to run demobilizes voters and promotes dissatisfaction. It's like they're trying to lose. Also in this episode: In "Taking the News from Behind" Camp looks at how the US is booting more people onto the streets while there are still more empty homes here than people without homes, a Philadelphia activist collective recently won the right for unhoused families to remain in city-owned housing, and more on housing justice. Natalie McGill reports on how the fossil fuel companies that were previously fined millions for polluting the Earth collectively received $32 million in PPP loans. The economic downturn from covid-19 slowed down a recently leaked plan of ExxonMobil's to rapidly increase its annual carbon-dioxide emissions by as much as the output of the entire nation of Greece. Anders Lee and Camp sit down together to discuss the Supreme Court confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett, and more. ~ Full episodes of Redacted Tonight will no longer be available on YouTube. They will be on the free video streaming platform “Portable TV.” All segments of Redacted Tonight will STILL be on YouTube but for the full episodes download the free app at Full episodes will still be available at ~ Watch Lee's newest Stand-Up Comedy Special for free here – ~ Our videos are heavily suppressed by YouTube and Facebook. Please help us avoid censorship by sharing this if you see fit. And join my email list by texting "REDACTED" to 33-777. It's free and quick. You can also join at