Why do I keep running into accounts that are fighting over the left and right paradigm sure Joe Biden is a corrupt politician so is his son and the Republicans are a corrupt entity along with the Democratic party as well and yet there are tons of accounts on mind's that are still fighting over the left and right paradigm! As long as you vote you give them the power that they have over you and you still follow the delusions you believe in when both sides have committed atrocities against our own country and innocent countries around the world! I still like to give mind's account users the benefit of the doubt for now but as I continually see useful idiots argue over left and right corruption you seem to forget what they have done in the past and don't apply it to now in our present-day elections when there were cronies on Trump's Administration that are part of the cover-up of September 11th false flag and one of the biggest Insurance frauds in modern-day history committed by Larry H Silverstein along with the complicit politicians we have today that are not willing to expose the lies and deceptions of the Republican or Democratic parties to the full extent of our Constitution and Bill of Rights! You people simply don't get it or you're just comfortable in the lies that they keep telling you over mainstream media! What will it take for you to wake the hell up and discover no matter who you vote for you're still locked in their (your) cage of Lies! WTF people 😑?