(ON A SIDE NOTE: I swear I heard the name #LincolnProject in Millie Weaver's latest video about #Shadowgate. Is it the same company? I find that interesting.) https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/10/anti-trump-lincoln-project-sr-advisor-slammed-asking-journalists-dox-black-woman-openly-supporting-trump-nbc-town-hall/ •••Oct 16, 2020 - Tom Nichols, Senior Advisor for the virulently anti-Trump The Lincoln Project, a PAC made up of sore loser Republicans with a lot of money, begged journalists to dox “that woman” who was “nodding behind Trump.” Nichols, who either missed Guthrie’s explanation of the makeup of the audience or simply lied to push a false narrative, referred to the audience as “an ‘undecided’ voter town hall,” and asked journalists to “find out who that woman is,” adding that if they don’t, he doesn’t know what they’re “getting paid for.”... #UnfuckTheWorld