If you are still justifying working for major corporations, the government, the military, police, public schools, or the media, you might reconsider your complicity in corruption, war, human rights violations, pschological indoctrination, and mass murder. I understand the validity of the claim that you are making a sacrifice for your family, but this is not working for your family, but against them having a reasonably happy or free future. You are not at all helping them by serving evil. In truth, you are doing great harm. Many will speak out against these corrupt entities, but the fact is that they cannot function without humans serving them. These entities exist ONLY because of the people who are willing to serve them. You may as well be serving demons. Do what is right for your families and for the future of humanity. Let them sit empty until their doors are permanently closed for good, or until they change their ways to provide real value to the people of the world.