On the Blacks and Their Lies https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/10/on-the-blacks-and-their-lies Just another day in the neighborhood. by David Sims YOU CAN’T imagine the nonsense that Political Correctness has some people believing. Or pretending to believe. I’ll try to explain it clearly, difficult though it will be due to the sheer outrageousness of the aforesaid pretenses. Blacks have always been a race distinguished, very conspicuously, by their violence. Have you heard the expression “chip on the shoulder”? Most Blacks have chips on their shoulders. Blacks aren’t a courageous race; they haven’t produced their share of persons willing to defy long odds for a good cause. Instead, Blacks are savages, always looking to attack someone who can’t fight back, for an excuse to stomp on someone smaller than themselves, or to gang up on someone who is by himself. That’s why urban areas with a high population density and high Black demographic percentages always, without exception, have higher rates for murder, rape, arson, assault, and robbery than anywhere else. Blacks are violent and crude by hereditary predilection, and no amount of ostensibly remedial socialism will ever change their basic nature. #blm #usa #trump #maga