Letter to the White House Chief of Staff - Mark Meadows

To: The Honorable Mark Meadows White House Chief of Staff Dear Mr. Meadows, I know Twitter is used by many politicians and media personal because of the audience and reach Twitter can provide. However, Twitter has shown its true colors often enough when it comes to shaping the narrative of the American way of life, and in particular the political narrative. Yesterday when I saw the Presidents account was locked, due to his posting content about the Hunter Biden corruption grift, I was literally appalled. Freedom of speech and expression/opinion are fundamental principles to the American way of life; it's what separates us from many other countries. Twitter does not support these principles, and nobody knows that better than do you, sir. I, a humble American of tiny stature, request that the president, yourself, and the Press Secretary consider creating accounts on the Minds (https://www.minds.com) social media platform. Minds is an open source platform, founded on the very principles we hold dear as Americans, not the least being the freedom of speech. The founders of Minds are impeccable people with a strong interest in promoting free speech and civil discourse. I can assure you that no account, and certainly not the presidents, or his staffs, accounts would be locked or otherwise disabled in any way for posting opinions and facts. Minds is a small family, and granted your reach would be considerably smaller. However, one's audience shrinks to about nill when technocrats freeze one's accounts. Please take this opportunity to consider joining the Minds social media network. I know for one I would appreciate seeing all of you there, and getting first-hand information from the White House. Respectfully, ................................ Humble American Citizen luculent@minds.com