If private interests can determine what information people can see, then they rule. My view: if it is too messy to break them up, they should be run as semi-public utilities. To paraphrase what was once said about big banks, Big Tech is too large to be allowed to exist without being under state control. Every American should enjoy the right to free speech on these platforms. Platform access isn’t just basic fairness, but a civil right. Bokhari’s #Deleted makes a powerful, persuasive case about what’s at stake. If President Trump wants to keep his Twitter account, let alone the White House—and if Americans want to survive the totalitarian storm that will come if Biden wins—we all need to think carefully about Bokhari’s warning. https://vdare.com/articles/allum-bokhari-s-deleted-gop-trump-learn-the-hard-way-laura-loomer-was-right