OK, I missed the town halls last night because I was busy, so I'm watching Trump's now. I hope it improves, but right off the bat here, 15 minutes in, this doesn't look like a "town hall" it looks far more like "NBC 'journalist' yells at Trump." :/ So having now finished watching Trump's "town hall" gotta say... It really felt more like a debate. Voters ask a question, Trump gives them an answer, then Savannah argues that his answer is wrong, and frequently interrupts his answer to argue with him and redirect the question to whatever it is SHE wanted to hear. I mean, I THOUGHT the fucking point of "town hall" type set ups was for the candidate to talk to the VOTERS, not debate the fucking 'reporter.' *eye roll* Poorly done on your part Savannah. If you wanted an interview, just schedule an interview. Otherwise, STFU and let the candidate talk to the voters. THAT is what they're here for.