Smoke 'em if You got 'em

Technical problems on whoever's sidetook my update away. We are leaving the hotel soon and will venture to the new place that was not ready to move in yesterday. Or today. It will require much more work to get it ready for rent. But I have fullfilled our obligations and paid everthing. Absolutely lowest level of consciousness. I did not generate 25k a month 35 years ago unconsciously. The point is, You are either conscious, or unconscious. If You are conscious, then You might have a choice regarding Your actions. Whence You are conscious, what matters from there on is a 'matter' of conscience. The question arises: Am I surrounded by conscious people acting without conscience, or by people with conscience that are unconscious? A quicky in regards to the 'past'. It appears, that 'ASD' (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a roof term for a variety of divergences from the standard synapses configuration of the Human Brain. Writing a book is not an easy task for a person with ASD, however, experiencing blatant gullibility and toxic religious fanaticism anywhere, will trigger Turrets on my behalf. There has to be a payoff when it comes to the shuffling around of neural network connections. My painfully high intelligence is offset with some neurological features that allow for people in denial of the truth/facts to trigger an increasingly direct verbal confrontation. Now, the unintelligence community has it, that they are working for the same people that have f'd up our lives - well, f'd up the lives of the non-rich. No matter from what angle You look at it - these individual failures of humanity are collectively the single greatest threat to the species. The unintelligence community is the biggest threat to the continuation of Homo Sapiens. Spit or swallow? Do You swallow the lies about the reasons for the planetary biosphere collapse? Do You spit out the denial about the massive geo-engineering activities - including the intentional incineration of large areas of Tropical Rain Forest, because 'Corona', or the evaporation of houses on the West Coast further North? There, You can feel it, correct? It's connected to people doing real shit, where there wasn't a need to do shit - other than serving the overinflated 'ego', or increasing one's bank account/hidden stash. For an 'intellightened' individual, the voluntary abandonment of anyone's ability to think clearly for the sole purpose of belonging to any 'Belief Club' in numbers, is the gravest of all human failures. When people comment on content, fully programmed and conditioned to reflect a totally misguided 'belief', then the trigger is hit. However in a different way one would 'think'. Focusing on the interaction - when the hate oozes out of comments, the discrimination-abomination of a religious fanatic, that does not even understand that there is something like 'critical thinking' - although it is an oxymoron, of course. Who is doing the thinking? Especially with religious fantatics, the answer is "Not THEIR brain." When people stop treating each other in a decrepit and repugnant way, that day You will find out, that You are the Universe and that the best fashion to live one's Life is that of not creating suffering and pain, where there was none and would not manifest otherwise. You have a great Universal Day now.