Joe Biden has claimed that he had “never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings,” and new emails prove that claim to be false. The never-before-revealed meeting is mentioned in a message of appreciation that Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of Burisma, allegedly sent Hunter Biden on April 17, 2015, about a year after Hunter joined the Burisma board at a reported salary of up to $50,000 a month. “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure,” the email reads. An earlier email from May 2014 also shows Pozharskyi, reportedly Burisma’s No. 3 exec, asking Hunter for “advice on how you could use your influence” on the company’s behalf. The blockbuster correspondence — which flies in the face of Joe Biden’s claim that he’s “never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings” — is contained in a massive trove of data recovered from a laptop computer. https://trumptrainnews.com/2020/10/14/leaked-emails-reveal-biden-lied-about-ties-to-ukrainian-executive/?fbclid=IwAR2hat_5v4m3f4y05_bFOey-U1P4QcYtbFiGWLiUK9YaXwK5ajQlqPzxv4g