Yes garlic and honey is a medication me and my wife takes four times a week, I take it 7 days a week',I only do it everyday so I will not have to take blood pressure medicine! I was on two blood pressure pills the highest dose you could take in the morning and a low dose at night before bed now you can OD on blood pressure medicine I have got up many days and ask my wife did I take my blood pressure medicine most times she would tell me no and sometimes she would tell me yes I did it got to the point it was aggravating! Now you cannot OD on garlic and honey but if you take it everyday you will not have to take no blood pressure medicine I get a spoon out as you can see the cloves of garlic are bigger in my jar my wife hers is cut up in little pieces. This will rebuild your body a young person or a older person garlic has been around for years and honey has two garlic was used for a antibiotic garlic is in blood pressure medicine garlic is used in the lot of medication it will give you energy just like a pain pill I'll try to tell people that's hooked on pain pills to take garlic and honey and they would stop taking pain pills but most people don't care they want the rush of a pain pill!!! The way we take it is get a spoon of it and sprinkle cinnamon over the top put it in your mouth and chew it up and swallow it take some lemon juice and squirt it in your mouth it will take the taste away. I found this out on a YouTube channel I share his stuff a lot and he has not been wrong about anything that I know of he takes his a different way he will cut up a clove of garlic and heat it in a pie pan outside and put a spoon of grits with the garlic and eats it like that everyday one clove he has hypertension blood pressure just like me my blood pressure was very bad I was taking the highest dose of blood pressure medicine they have now I do not take blood pressure medicine nor any kind of medicine itself I only take garlic and honey and cinnamon and lemon. Now some people will say won't you start smelling like garlic the lemon and cinnamon is a high toxic very good for the body with the garlic and honey it will make you feel like a new person I only sleep about 4 hours a night I have been doing this for years now. And you can Google garlic and it has a list of several pages on how to serve garlic and what it can do for the body. There is another way if you think you have a clogged artery and most people do that smoke if you smoke you can take garlic three cloves of garlic six lemons peel the lemons and peel garlic put in a blender grind it up put it in a gallon pot take a gallon of water pour over it turn the stove on but don't let it come to a boil just let it simmer for 7 minutes then string it and pour it in a tea picture each morning drink one glass do this two weeks and it will unclog any artery going to your heart and you can Google this and it will tell you or you can find it on YouTube this really works! Any kind of overcounter medication or medication you get from a doctor I do not agree to it you always have a side effect on about any kind of medication that you buy over the counter or you get from the doctor! One thing for sure you need to have real honey I will put a picture in the comment section of what kind of honey that I like best it's wrong all natural sour wood honey comes from Morganton North Carolina and you can put this honey on pancakes it is very good I do not like the dark honey I do know that darker honey has more stuff in it that they say is better but I just don't like it because it is thick and it is real sweet. Now the sour honey it is sweet too but it is very good just the honey alone is good for you to take if you have a cough or you feel like that you going to catch a cold garlic and honey will build the immune system up and you will not catch a cold I will knock on wood so far with me and my wife we have garlic and honey and we have not had a cold in years! I can go on forever telling about garlic and honey but I would end this and tell people about it, you do not have to set it up for days when you make it it's ready to take the next day or right then when I make it I have got to have a piece of garlic it's almost like a onion when you bite into it raw but believe me it would take you maybe 3 to 4 days to stop making a face when you take it the body will get used to it and it will be no problem especially with the cinnamon and lemon juice now when you sprinkle the cinnamon on top of it and put it in your mouth the cinnamon will roll around the garlic and honey and when you chew it up you will taste the garlic but the lemon will take the taste away as soon as you take the lemon juice. Medication by Tim roper, {RTR£€¥}√.