Odin versus Yahweh (the jewish tyrant god of the bible!) The god of judeo/christianity demands blind obedience, and threatens with eternal torment if you fail to do anything according to some old relic book written by some Middle- Eastern Bronze-Age scientific illiterate sheep herders (a 2-3000 year old book) who knew nothing about the rest of the world except from their little part of the desert-world that they were living, and if you don't believe in anything that their Gawd says you are condemnd to burn in hell for all eternity. While Odin on the other hand gives you the freedom to seek knowledge through experience, and to grow as a human by taking responsibility for your own actions so you as a human can grow instead of blaming a devil that doesn't even exists and worship the jewish nazarene and live like a slave under a man-made stupid religion of fucking goat-herders. (lol) Off course I love paganism and hate judeo/christianity and islam! And it is my right to do so. Odin wanted his people to be free. The bible and the god of the bible gives you nothing but humiliation and hate, war, and genocide!