Piano Ad-Lib a la STAR TREK?! - Notes: We no longer own/operate the pe3.us domain. {Sek} is available via: https://tk3.nl/ss - Message from, "Kat": "I'm trying so damn hard to bring all our media over to Minds but, with all the new stuff still in Mixdown and needing to enter Mastering, it's been a hot mess at best! Regardless, I go through everything on file!! So, alongside extracting all the new bits, I'm gearing up anything we have that will hopefully be entertaining and fun for you." "In this piece, we have our crazy Composer performing a full fledged Piano adlib in the style of Star Trek!" "Just a little something to keep some posts coming in while I hopefully find that right rhythm to get more productions up." "May we all live long and prosper..." -- Kat * * * * * And now for the Shoutout: @chrismadzier Thank-you! @astralwizardart After our 3rd Whiskey, the text/font on your profile made perfect sense! @vindog So what are "you" reading right now?? @benben0203 Two words: (Tron) [Light-Cycles]... @jim_bever Much appreciated! @witch_bitch666 We too love, our; "inner" Daemons... @gurmani Excellent photos and videos! @ErwinSchoofs Your profile background is..........awesome!! @prospero_san Sapere aude. - Ad astra per aspera. * * * * * More coming... We'll catch the rest of you on the next..... ~333~