It is unbelievable what President Trump has been through, and it’s still continuing to this day. Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to use the 25th Amendment to remove a duly-elected sitting president, just because she doesn’t like his policies, is the latest example. Trump’s family has been through the ringer, as the corrupt Leftist cabal savages them routinely in the corporate media. He has lost wealth and business opportunities, all because he wanted to ‘fix’ our beloved United States. Trump has faced the enormity of a corrupt U.S. government, a gift from the Obama Administration, similar to a bag of sh*t left on your porch by a punk kid. He has faced a corrupt media, in bed with Deep State corporate intelligence contractors. He has faced the Chinese Communist Party, which owns much of the above, and is in cohoots with the DNC. They have all come after him. And in doing so, they have come after YOU. --America Doesn't Deserve Donald J. Trump - CD Media --https://creativedestructionmedia.com/opinion/2020/10/10/america-doesnt-deserve-donald-j-trump/ -RETRIEVED-Fri Oct 16 2020 05:03:08 GMT+0200 (Central European Summer Time)