Inktober - Day 15

Entry 15: We made it to an #outpost Definitely glad to see another human again. Traded a few things with the scout stationed there, some scrap for some food. I'll be glad to have something to eat besides roots, lizards, and grubs. Fetch has been hogging the rodents. Never thought I would miss eating rat. Anyway, got some dried meat and a little fruit, my mouth was watering just seeing it. Scout also gave us directions to the nearby settlement. I'm definitely glad I stripped what I could from the cars and other pre-fall items I came across. I considered dumping it in the wasteland, I was getting so weak, but it will serve us well now. I was actually surprised the scout gave us directions. I mean he didn't let us up or anything, but he seemed genuinely happy to see us. Maybe he has been at the outpost a while, or a skinny wanderer and her dog are just not that threatening. He did seem shocked we crossed the wastelands. Maybe we're just a novelty. #art #myart #inktober #inktober2020