The Soros Terrorism Model explained and analyzed

Because the American people need your help in shoving back and taking back your homeland The Soros Terrorism Model Explained and Analyzed for all! I'm always open to new ideas and different angles and by no means is this a concise finite 100% unquestionable Testament, but it is a very solid model that clearly fortifies the unquestionable and inevitable conclusions for even the absolutely most retarded of individuals willing to listen. I showed the last video to someone that was childhood close friend of my family and I can tell it was overwhelming and she like many went into a state of trauma and shutdown completely. This is the reality we live in! There is no easy fix button, but it can be fixed. it's not going to un-fuck itself people! Do you want to live in America or do you want to die in China? Set the Standard here and now America! WE will NOT accept a tyranny of bribed federal agents to walk amongst us with absolutely no transparency or supervision any longer! NO! Democracy needs to be properly solidified and the Amendments being violated properly protected for EVERYONE! No more bribery of politicians, no more people lacking insightful massive economic decisions without even fucking asking the people WTF we want to do? NO MORE! The Federal Reserve needs to get the fuck on! We're not paying the debt of England that Rothschild scum bankers criminally extorted so long ago. The money is going to be in control by the people using it! PERIOD! #NWO #Soros #BLM #Protest