The Big Surprise/ explosion / odd event (11-3-2020)

In summer 2019 a viral conspiracy theory spoke about Seattle explosion to occur on November 3rd 2019 (11-3-2019) supported by infinite occult proves. Through astrology I declared that nothing dramatic seems to happen on that date of 2019 - probably in 2031. However, the dates (numbers) 11-3 also 3-11 are here to play very important role. On March 11th (3-11-2020) the WHO declared on Pandemic (Covid-19) that led to shut off of the world, in other words what initiated the collapse of old paradigm and still in destruction process. In November 3rd 2020 (11-3-2020) US election and according to astrology something surprising / shocking may happen to impact significantly the world economy (world structure) even more; it can be something odd including UFO maybe radio-magnetic attack/ explosion that may lead to chaos / confusion. Remember that the "old building" we are all basing on now must to fall and this is positive future for people freedom (not government). Astrology of November 3rd 2020: * Venus in libra (dignified) opposing both Mars & Chiron (something very reactive that easily I can think as explosion) Adding to this: * Sun (in scorpio) opposing Uranus (taurus) = explosion, surprise, revelation, something from above (space) * Moon conjunct with North node (gemini) squaring Neptune = Deadly, need to feel the divine. * Mercury stand still - ready to move direct = confusion by facing the truth, facing the bottom of the barrel. Financial markets: * Bitcoin will start increasing significantly from shallow bottom it will take into this date. * Stock market will CRASH!! In other words, a SPLIT of market correlation. How to affect people: * Some that are following the guidelines of governments will feel lost, confusion, anxiety and panic. * Others that are facing their inner truth and choices will enjoy from best show how the old and lies are falling apart, also realising truth (light) and will start an elevation process that will arrive to its peak by December 14th 2020. BE BRAVE TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN TRUTH AND DIVINE JUSTICE!