Youtube shenanigans and other tomfuckery. I just went tumbling head first down a rabbit hole of Youtubes bullshit. Firstly; comments. I do keep an eye on my youtube comments even though they are all set to "hold for review". As mentioned earlier in a video 'OP;ED - Youtube, Cancer & Chemo' (/watch?v=s_Ks_NN_rEg) this was done with the hope of encouraging subscribers to other platforms so commenting could be done there. Example; Bitchute. This is because I am sick and tired of youtube and their bullshit way of running their platform. While checking these hidden comments I find something new and interesting. On the top bar "Comments here are removed after 60 days - Learn More". Naturally I click "learn more". --- "Latest Updates Community and comments Experimenting with the “Held for review” tab in YouTube Studio: We’re experimenting with the “Held for review” tab in the Comments section of YouTube Studio. If you’re a part of the experiment, we'll expire comments from your "Held for review" tab after 60 days. We hope this helps creators quickly review the freshest comments, while removing less relevant ones. There is no change to published comments." --- I want to highlight again "If you’re a part of the experiment, we'll expire comments from your "Held for review" tab after 60 days." I never opted in for this experiment. Youtube has just decided that my channel, with its extensive use of hidden comments so as to promote opposing platforms, needs to be forced into this 'experiment'. Almost as if Youtube is saying "How dare you! How dare you encourage our competition and undermine our monopoly! For this you must be punished!" So, when I said in the future I would have to consider releasing those comments if youtube changed their ways. Well, Google/Youtube forces my hand. If I do not release them within the next 60 days, you, your speech, your words, will be exiled into the twisting nether. I am beyond enraged with this development. I am forced into an experiment without my knowledge or consent and it just so happens to be an experiment that perfectly counters my direct attempts to subvert Youtube and their monopoly. Were I of the conspiratorial mind set I would almost be tempting into thinking this was targeted. The reality is it probably isn't. However it does make me wonder if other people have followed my suit on this and held back their own comments to encourage competition and Youtube is taking action against those of us who dare dissent. This, however, is not where this particular rabbit hole ends. Thus secondly; ad revenue. Several of the comments mentioned extensive adverts being placed on my latest live stream 'TL;DR - Rooftop Korean "No homo bro" Spas' (/watch?v=yb9PB0dBW4c). Naturally I'm curious about this because my stream is, of course, "Limited" be default. Sure enough, there are mid roll adverts placed between every 2-4 minutes for the entire first hour of that stream. I did not place these adverts there. In Youtubes own description; "By default, mid-rolls will be placed at natural breakpoints to balance the viewer experience and creator revenue. " According to Youtube there were no less than 21 "natural breakpoints" in the first 59 minutes of that stream and exactly 0 "natural breakpoints" in the remaining 1:h40m of that stream. This is, for lack of a better term, complete and utter bullshit, so I have removed them in favour of a more reasonable 'once per 30 minute' model. I have to wonder how much money Youtube was hoping to make off of that maneuver because I am pretty much 100% sure that I would see barely any of the revenue that such a massive proliferation of adverts would generate. If you required more evidence that Youtube is a terrible platform I present these cases for your consideration. As for my decision with regards to Youtubes auto deletion of comments after 60 days. I will have to think seriously on this in the coming days. I have and will always be pro-audience freedom and information, first and foremost. With this in mind I will almost certainly have to bow to this and free all the comments and reopen the comment sections in perpetuity. Thus losing the only leverage that I have to actively encourage Youtubes direct competition by encouraging people off platform. Although given the relative reluctance of people to make the change and continue supporting a vile, biased, corrupt organization like Google/Youtube I am not sure this will matter. The modest numbers of people willing to make the change has not been encouraging. This leads me to the final part of this consideration and that has to be with regards to my continued use of Youtube as a platform. Given the increasingly draconian and censorious nature of Google/Youtube and their open willingness to discriminate against certain people on their platform for reasons of partisan politics, I am left to question my future using such a platform. Already I face the daily stress of waking up and checking my account thinking "Does my youtube account even still exist? Has the last 6 years of my work just be flushed down the memory hole? Does my e-mail account even still exist?". Seemingly every week yet another stress is added to this list in the forms of Youtubes politically biased censorship, demonetization issues, broken basic functions of comment sections etc ad nauseum. At this point in time I seriously question if I am willing to passively support such evil and I find it harder and harder to answer 'yes' to my continuation on such a platform. This is another thing I will have to think heavily on in the coming days. Continuing to update my Youtube profile as I do every other platform I use or simply leaving youtube as it is. An archive of work for people wanting to use my creations as their own springboards for ideas. Or to just destroy it all. Do not allow youtube to continue propping up its bloated rotting corpus using my past mental energies. As I have frequently said, youtube only exists because of the life we breathe into it via our time, our effort, our attentions. It would, of course, require massive hubris to presume that me removing my work from a platform as large as Youtube would have any impact on it directly. But at the very least I would know I was no longer helping to prop up something that causes such problems and I could focus my efforts a new on growing other, better, platforms. As I said. I have a lot of things to seriously consider in the not too distant future. I had best tend to that. Thank you for your attention in reading this lengthy diatribe. These are simply things that you should be kept abreast of because they may impact you in the future, no matter how slightly. -TL;DR.