Over 16,000 dollars raised in a short time! https://prrt1steamlocomotivetrust.org/station/index.php?route=challenge/challenge - A supporter has come forward and challenged the T1 Trust to raise $50,000 by years end. If we do so, he will match it Dollar for Dollar. What will money be used for? The PRR T1 Trust will use these matching funds to finish the last remaining components of the exterior of the firebox. This will complete the outside of the massive 60 foot long 100,000 lb boiler. The money left over will be used to start construction of the frame. The frame is arguably the most difficult part on the locomotive to build. We have a solid plan of attack. We do expect to continue to raise money for the frame, but these donations will act as seed money to get started. We have a great opportunity here to accelerate progress.