'Absolute Travesty:' Paul Manafort's ex-partner Rick Gates breaks silence on Mueller probe The Russia probe 'should never happen to any president or any American citizen' ever again, former Trump aide says. In his first lengthy public interview since pleading guilty to federal charges in Robert Mueller's now-discredited Trump-Russia collusion probe, Rick Gates slammed that investigation in blunt and unequivocal terms, calling it "an absolute travesty of justice" that "should never happen to any president or any American citizen" ever again. Gates, who served in President Trump's 2016 campaign and later plead guilty to conspiracy and false statement charges related to his work in Ukraine, said in an interview on the latest episode of the John Solomon Reports podcast that his experience taught him "the way our justice system can be weaponized against so many different people." The former political consultant stated bluntly that the tactics used by the Mueller investigation indicated that "there was no question that they were trying to get to the president." https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/gates-mueller-investigation-should-never-happen-any