Isn't it time to ask why anyone is believing this guy whose entire run of success was due to his father and stealing tech from sources that invested in R&D? He, like the Zuck kid, has been a storefront for the Empire/Oligarchy/Globaloney criminal cabal from his day one and it was they that steered things his way as they do with their members... it is all a big con, you know. So, why listen to this when human nature and what we are willing to accept are all at variance to the patter of Empire scripted spiel he is laying down? Well? Tar and Feathers surely seem more appropriate and most people in Africa and India would string him up, so why does he get a free pass here? Why? Because the Empire owned media here won't generally tell you what a known wanker this little kid is. It is the same reason that the Twits cut off all broadcast of proof what a crook the Bidens are. https://summit.news/2020/10/13/bill-gates-says-world-wont-return-to-normal-until-a-lot-of-people-take-a-second-covid-vaccine/