THE CRACKHEAD HUNTER SCANDAL IN A NUTSHELL All Under Obama's Nose Despite Warning This is why the Democrats tried to Impeach President Trump over the Ukraine phone call. "Quid quo pro" my foot, it was the most polite and Presidential phone call we were ever privy to. Quote: "To cut the long story short: Obama-Biden administration forced Ukrainian to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor that investigated the bribe Ukrainian energy company paid to Joe Biden’s son for arranging meeting with Obama and Biden. Now leaked emails shows that the the prosecutor was right about the bribe investigation that Obama administration got and used their power to cover it up: the energy company thank Biden’s son for delivering the meeting. And other leaked video shows Biden’s son heavily using Cocain in Ukrainian hotel with Ukrainian hooker." In all fairness Hunter Biden was making over $80,000 a month with nothing to do so a few Hookers doesn't sound like a big deal to me but the Cocaine is another issue, so is leaving Crack Pipes in Rental cars. Hunter also got kicked out of the Navy for Cocaine, he has a long Drug history. No company worth its salt would hire someone like that for their Board of Directors. Just regular Employment Screening would have found a less than Honorable discharge from the Navy, an automatic disqualifier. https://londondaily.com/smoking-gun-email-reveals-how-hunter-biden-introduced-ukrainian-businessman-to-vp-dad #impeachment #biden #ukraine #politics #news